Monday, October 5, 2009


Hey everyone,

I love this idea, and I love Halloween! So here's an old sketch from when I, Aaron, Nelson, and a few others, were planning our escape from LAP in the chance happening of a Zombie Outbreak.

Step 1: Weapons...

I was thinking pulling one of those giant metal stars off the wall and using that...

Step 2: Escape Route...

Out the window by Jordan's desk ... along the ledge, and over the next building or down the tree and into the court yard ...

Step 3: ... yeah it never got to step three ...

Well, if anyone has a step three .. let us know ... or what your step 1 and 2 would be from where you sat in LAP ...

more to come,

Pep'e (Jeff)


  1. Who's that swingin' the axe?

  2. oh i like the idea of using the giant metal star as a weapon! i will use that creepy garden gnome with the hand coming out of it's face as mine.

  3. How could we forget the giant baby portrait?

  4. Ahh I'm not sure ... just a girl ... thou I could see it maybe being Sarah .. like right after her and this zombie wrestled around a bit and she lost her glasses ... and then took the axe ... umm.. that josh keeps in the storage room? and well the sketch tells the rest of that story..

    or maybe Heidi .. Heidi's pretty bad ass.. I could see it being her too..

    or maybe Emily ... after the Zombie said something bad about Trent.. :P

    nope just a random girl..

  5. oh and on a related note .. everyone should check out ZOMBIELAND .. it's great!