Monday, October 5, 2009

Challenge #1: Halloween

Alright folks,

So to really get the most out of this communal blogging experience, I'd like to propose regular challenges to post new work based on a theme. Theme for this month: Halloween. If you're like me, you take Halloween pretty damn seriously... perhaps a little too seriously. I tend to have fantasies of grandiose costumes that I inevitably have to scale back due to time and budget constraints.

I challenge us to draw, animate, sculpt, design... VISUALIZE in any way your ideal costume you've never been able to afford or make.

Alternatively, if you're currently working on your ideal costume and don't want to give it away, tickle us with some Halloween or fall themed illustration. This can be anything from a beautiful fall landscape to Trent Reznor's face superimposed on a pumpkin. Either way, make us smell that brisk fall air!

Alright folks, lets give it a whirl! Post by Halloween, of course :)