Monday, October 12, 2009

Admiral Lord Lena Green

So today I began the long awaited painting # 2 of my "Geeks" series. The subject is of course Lena Green: Artist, History Nerd, Fashionista, British Naval Commander, and all around friend-to-all. Pictured above is my first day of progress- contour line drawing/partial under-painting. Dimensions are 18X24.

So I need your help- how did I do on the likeness? Proportions? If you're wondering about the BG, I'm hoping to paint the sea with some kind of sinking battleship... Generally naval portraits include depictions for a victorious battle in the background (in flames!) Just like this guy:

Oh, and this is Halloween related because... she's wearing her costume from last year. Yeah. Now, critique pretty please!


PS- I am actively considering who's next in the series. Would you like your portrait painted for free? Are you a geek for something? Do you have a couple of hours to spare to come model for me? Then you fit the profile! Drop me a line if you're interested...


  1. Haha, I said the same thing.

    Far as critique, I guess I would shade the bridge of her nose to look narrower, especially at the top. Maybe widen the face across the cheekbones a bit. I might also straighten the lower lids of her eyes so that the dip isn't as extreme, so her lower eyelids would end up a little higher.

  2. i love it! i almost feel like it looks done just like that! :) my only critique would be that when i think of lena i think of her bangs, so maybe add her bangs? but that's it, love it.

  3. Awesome!!! You got so much more work done since I left! It looks amazing. That was my bad on the bangs I tucked them back...
    See Lord Nelson.. not a sexy dude.. BUT awesome and with FLAMES!
    I maybe agree with the bridge of the noes shading comment? but that might just be my vanity talking~

  4. Yes of course, m'dear... Will definitely cut back on the nose. Going to soften the eyes too, as per Erin and Dave's suggestions. Don't worry- you'll look GAW-geous :)