Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This doesn't really have anything to do with Halloween, but...oh well.
So, I don't know if you guys are familiar with this blog:
People do like "covers" of comic book covers. Even if you aren't super into comics it's still fun to look at. So a couple months ago I was inspired to do my own "cover". I spent forever picking one I wanted to do (longer then I care to admit) and I finally finished and sent it off to the guy who runs the blog...and it was rejected. Seriously, I got a rejection email and everything. So now I've got this random Batman cover I did just hanging out with no purpose in life, so I thought this seemed like a good place to share it :)

and here is the original

I don't understand why it was rejected, but this
made the cut. haha, oh well.


  1. I wouldn't trust that blog anyway--I didn't see any She-Ra covers.

  2. Yeah. It's like the difference between covering a song and doing it exactly the same as the original, or covering it and doing your own interpretation. Forget that site -- yours owns over that Sonic cover.