Friday, November 20, 2009

"The Prickly Pear"

Hi Friends,

So I had a little stream of consciousness sketch session the other day with food in mind and this is the strangeness I came up with. I want to see more posts, people! This sketch took all of ten minutes! Get your creative on! Its everyone's favorite- food!


  1. small potatoes small potatoes small potatoes small potaaaatooooeees!
    Couldnt help myself. :)

  2. Hey, do they have the market cornered on talking food? Not fair. The similarity never entered my mind until now though... but hey, I guess for every creative moment you have, some of them are going to be derivative... and its up to the artist to keep working until you s strike gold with something really original.

    Or at least thats what I just told myself to keep from feeling like total crap about it :)

  3. aaah oh my god, i totally didnt mean it like that!! dont feel like crap! its not your drawing, its my MIND its all I CAN SEE!! now i feel awful! its just anytime i see fruit/veg with a face thats what I think!