Sunday, November 1, 2009

November Theme: Food

Hi all,

Thanks so much for all of your great Halloween related posts! I thought the whole theme thing worked out well (tell me if you disagree) so I thought I'd propose a new theme for November: Food. November's holiday is of course, Thanksgiving, which is pretty much all about eating... oh, and being thankful about stuff. I GUESS you could post something about that, too.

Obviously if you have stuff that isn't food related, post it anyway... but if anyone was looking for sketch/animation inspiration this month... ALL HAIL THE MIGHT NOMS!

The still life above is OLD and you may have seen it on my website- a college drawing midterm from Pratt. Needless to say I'm still pretty proud of it (please note the bra and panties I threw in for kicks.) Thats all for now, folks! Happy arting!



  1. haha i just noticed the Bra and Panties ... and was like " whooooaaaaa .. sexy time food??.." :P :P