Monday, November 9, 2009

And it's food related ..yay!

So with the combination of our addiction to the show 'CAKE BOSS' and Matt's Birthday .. it was decided to make an awesome FlapJack cake. Here's how our efforts panned out. Anne Marie ( Matt's girl friend, for those not familiar) bake us the cakes and help with the Fondant, ( AKA the sugeriest thing on the face of the planet) which we used for the whale's blue skin. She also made up the different colors for the modeling chocolete 'Flap Jack' and 'K'Nuckles'. Matt Sculpted that sweet K'Nuckles figure out of diffent colored chocolete and I sculpted the Flap Jack. As far as how it tasted .. you'll have to ask someone who ate it .. all I had was Flap Jacks head ... his sweet sweet solid chocolete scupted head ... Ugghh my tummys starting to hurt again just thinking about it ..


  1. I think I got diabetes from this cake. But it was the best diabetes ever!

  2. This is the MOST amazing thing EVER!!! ITS LIKE YOU FOUND CANDY ISLAND!!!